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There is always a demand for fresh products and the reefers that support them.

  A refrigerator truck is a van or truck designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures Like refrigerator cars, refrigerated trucks differ from simple insulated and ventilated vans (commonly used for transporting fruit), neither of which are fitted with cooling apparatus. Refreigerator trucks can be ice-cooled, equipped with  any one of a variety of mechanical refreigeration systems powered by small displacement diesel engines, or utilize carbon dioxide (either as dry Ice or in liquid form) as a cooling, agent. The transport refrigeration sector Is a significant user of HFCs. The majority of transport refrigeration is for road vehicles including vans, trucks and trailers. The refrigerated transport sector also Includes shipping containers and specialized systems used for rail freight, ships and aircraft.
When your transportation equipment meets the demands of service with reliability and efficiency, contributes to your profitability.


   Since 2011, VV Logistics Solutions has provided transportation services to companies across the nation. Our team of dedicated professionals takes pride in meeting our customers’ needs on every shipment. We are servicing all 48 states.  
We understand a growing need to provide reliable personalized freight service that geares directly to solving customer’s logistical problems.  Over the course of 10 years we established a hassle-free delivery solution for clients that guarantees each delivery on time and every time.


      VV Logistics Solutions refrigerated drivers can spend more days over the road if they choose because the average reefer length of haul is 750 miles. We can help create the right schedule to meet your and your family’s financial and hometime needs.
Driving at VV Logistics Solutions isn’t just about being part of the trucking industry; it’s about being part of a family. Even though our drivers spend most of their time on the road, we have created a tight-knit and inviting work culture where every employee feels at home.
VV Logistics Solutions driver turnover is less than the industry average, in large part due to our culture. Whether it’s your first day or you’ve been here since the doors opened, you will know that VV Logistics Solution is committed to every team member's success.
A key characteristic of our unique culture is our drivers' ability to meet face-to-face with any of our managers and team members. Drivers to form successful relationships with everyone they interact with, so no matter where they are, it feels like home. Call us today and start driving for the best company in the world.