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      VV Logistics Solutions specializes also in refrigerated (reefer) freight arrangement shipping. With the large logistics network across the United States, Gordon Corp can quickly access its database of refrigerated freight & reefer carriers to get your frozen to its final destination on time and within budget. No matter if your product requires a chilled, frozen temperature VV Logistics Solutions can manage meeting a precise pickup and delivery schedule to keep your company operating efficiently and products moving across the USA. Our area of expertise is developing custom freight solutions. Regardless of freight type, size, weight, and storage requirements,We have the resources to move temperature-sensitive freight from one destination to another safely. We are servicing all 48 states. Call VV Logistics Solutions today for safe and efficient freight solutions!


      Earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) allows you to pursue a wide variety of job opportunities. For new truckers, driving a refrigerated truck, also called a reefer, is one of the most common options. The majority of reefer trucks transport food, although other temperature-sensitive items may also be hauled in these vehicles. The pay is competitive and qualified drivers are in the high demand.
Some of the benefits of driving a refrigerated truck include:
Higher Pay
The majority of long-haul trucking jobs pay per mile, and the rate will depend on driver experience, the type of freight, and other factors. Refrigerated hauls involve additional responsibilities such as temperature monitoring so they typically pay more to compensate for these duties.
Stable Demand
Food transport is essential year-round so there aren’t typically seasonal variations in the demand for refrigerated drivers. Fresh food also isn’t influenced by the economy in the same way as other types of freight. This means that even in hard times, reefer drivers are still needed.


       Reefer truck drivers are expected to be prompt, reliable and consistent every load, every time. It’s only fair they expect the same from the company they’re driving for. Many drivers have been duped by companies who offer plenty of freight, only to see reefer runs dry up over time. When this happens, drivers are forced into the spot market, where wild swings can mean fewer miles and even less revenue per mile.Reefer drivers typically earn more than other commercial truck drivers. And reefer drivers in the specialty markets can earn even more.We pay top dollar to our reefer drivers! Drive with us!